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Is the future already here?

Apart from being set to assist the move into the digital era, meeting current legislation - such as Driver's Hours legislation and the Working Time Directive (WTD) - is already a fundamental requirement which must be addressed. This is equally as importan

Could everybody be proved wrong?

For many years the North-east has been very much looked upon as a self-contained entity with its own perceived local economy, culture and dedicated workforce.

Keeping ahead by a nose!

Evermore pressure is being put on the supply chain as companies push to move goods through more efficiently while remaining responsive to demand. The logistics function is a key differentiator in the race to work smarter and stay agile in the face of evol

China syndrome

The surge in trade with the Asia Pacific region, and specifically China, has led to a boom for shipping lines, air cargo carriers and freight forwarders with operations in the region.

Supply chain in the boardroom

The supply chain is of prime strategic importance to just about every global enterprise. The problem is getting the Board to realise this. Through the international councils of The Conference Board the power of networking can help turn minds – here’s how.

Countering the costs

Supply chain costs have been falling consistently for many years, but now startling new survey evidence – from a major Europe wide initiative – reveals the specter of rising logistics costs. What can be done to mitigate the situation?

Europe’s top ten

Although becoming the first truly pan-European operator has been on the agenda of logistics companies for some time, the record shows all still falling short. Here, we rank the firms that are racing to secure the top spot.

Data server

As data capture becomes more widespread in the supply chain, the idea of tracking is increasingly being seen as a way to boost service levels.

In the fast lane

Though build to order continues to elude carmakers, technological developments such as RFID and web-based solutions are speeding up the auto supply chain.

Graham Ewer

We must ensure that what we tackle we can achieve,’ says Graham Ewer, the new president of the European Logistics Association