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Swings and roundabouts

In recent years there has been a major restructuring of the 1,500 trade associations in the UK that predominantly have company corporate membership, and the hundreds of institutes and other professional bodies that have individual members.

A vision for the North-west

The North-west is a diverse region and home to seven million people - almost one eighth of the total UK population - characterised by the two major cities of Liverpool and Manchester.

Is it worth a free lunch?

Are your purchasing policies open to fraud? Are your suppliers robbing you blind? More to the point are they bribing your staff? Are you in control of your processes? What steps can you take to reduce fraud, control purchasing and make it less likely that

The feel good factor

Yet another year has arrived and with it the chance for UK industry to inject the feel good factor especially after the uncertainty that arose in 2003 from crises such as the war in Iraq and the SARS outbreak, all of which had a knock-on effect on the glo

Taking stock!

Controlling and maintaining accurate records about the 12,000 items stored in its warehouse was a major requirement when IT services company Anlisco invested in Scala Business Solution's iScala ERP solution, a system enabling SMEs to automate and manage t

Beefing up logistics

Atria serves more than 4,000 retailers and restaurants within a 450-mile radius of its headquarters in Nurmo, Finland.

Sharpen up your supply chain

All sectors of industry continue to face increasing pressure which, as a result, is putting more pressure on distribution networks as companies seek to move goods through the supply chain more efficiently while remaining responsive to demand.

Counting the cost

Where once end-of-life electrical products were disposed of through household waste and council amenity sites, from August 2004, they will go back through another channel: via retailers and producers.