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Spoilt for choice

A new trend is emerging among third-party logistics providers (3PLs) transporting products between the UK and mainland Europe - managers are thinking more cleverly about the logistics of their crossings and thinking that sailing from one of the Channel

The data avalanche

RFID will make available a thousand times more information. How are you going to identify and act on what's important? Some views from the Oriana

Keeping stock!

Sports retailer JJB Sports conducts an average of three or four stock audits per year, which encompass its entire store network. In addition, supplementary audits are implemented and, in worst case scenarios, some stores could be counted eight or nine tim

Tax returns

On 1st May 2004, ten new countries will become EU Member States. This, the largest expansion in its history, provides an opportunity for corporate Europe to extend its tax effective supply chains into new territories. The returns could be substantial.

Combating freight crime

With the FBI estimating that worldwide freight crime costs several billions of pounds a year, the majority of companies are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of their goods and drivers. One such firm is Walsh Western International (WWI),

Telly sales

The immediacy of live TV has brought great success and yet, its own set of challenges to television-shopping channel, QVC Germany. Its fascinating sales approach requires a distribution operation that can respond to the interactive and dynamic nature of s

Fostering mobile technology

For logistics operators, mobile technology is not a luxury but a necessity. The warehouse has always been an essentially mobile environment. For factory personnel, warehouse operatives and sales technicians, mobility is an integral part of everyday life

I’ll drink to that

The efficient management of mobile assets such as beer kegs is now possible – and it’s not just the technology that’s innovative.

The ‘snap-on’ supply chain

How do you create an on-demand supply chain, where an infinitely expandable network of suppliers and buyers can collaborate with each other, and where no integration is needed? Snap-on and find out.