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Think globally, act locally

In a hotel meeting room in Amsterdam the ProLogis European project management group are holding their quarterly meeting. The group currently has 14 members, representing seven different nationalities, and their skills range from architect, civil and mecha

Danger ahead

Globalisation and the end of block exemption are set to shake sleepy car makers and dealers – and the automotive supply chain. So how will OEMs take up the slack in the outbound chain, cut costs and give the customer what they want, faster?

One way system

IT is transforming in-vehicle technology with a growing mish-mash of gadgets competing for drivers’ attention. Creating a simplified solution is becoming a priority.

Broken dream

If 'Pan-European logistics' is ever to become a reality, it is more likely to come about through client demand rather than natural evolution within the industry; just look at the facts.

Time for a change

Change management brings out the best in some and the worst in others. Some people thrive on it. Others positively wither and wilt at the thought. So why do some people win the change game and others lose out?

Teamwork and quality rule

No matter who you talk to among the pallet distribution networks, the saying is the same - "We don't want to be the biggest, but the best". Modest words from an industry that is currently in great demand and clearly has something to offer the supply chain

The technology merry-go-round

The push towards real-time data gathering, facilitated by radio frequency communication, coupled with plunging prices for many devices have combined to give fresh impetus to the technology merry-go-round. Hold on tight.

Built for growth

A new distribution centre is helping shoe retailer Brantano achieve consistently impressive growth. An investment in automated processes is paving the way to the opening of 20 retailing outlets a year.

Stephen Hunter

Logistics is about doing simple things well, says the IT and logistics director of Nisa-Today’s