Wednesday 17th Jul 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

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Putting logistics into reverse

Like all distance selling, online retailing involves a great many returns and customers are already opting for easier ways to send back unwanted good

Added value for changing times

The growth of multi-channel operations is transforming the way UK retailers do business – and that includes supply chain operations and opportunities for logistics providers

Hastening too slowly?

Major supply chain IT projects can deliver significant benefits, but when things go wrong the penalties of failure soon hit the headlines – and the bottom line

Meeting demanding demand

Retailing has always been a dynamic industry but with customers demanding ever more rapid retail there will be plenty of supply chain challenges in 2012

Managing expectations

Consumers may want home deliveries at times to suit themselves but cost considerations will always limit the options so are there other ways of keeping them happy?

Managing virtual stock

With the high street stagnating, what retail growth there is, is largely online and involves increasingly challenging stock management and logistics options.

Time to start running

The Olympics may be 16 months away, but already the logistics of keeping shelves filled and deliveries on schedule to satisfy the ten million expected visitors is starting to cause headaches.

Embracing new ideas

Thanks to changing technology, concepts that were once regarded as innovative, high risk, too complex or simply too expensive are rapidly becoming standard - and that applies both to IT and logistics services.

Who calls the customer-centric tune?

With retail buying power concentrated in ever fewer hands - especially in the grocery sector - CPG suppliers must conform to their various customers' supply chain processes.

Time to invest?

Research in IT retail priorities suggest that many supply chain systems are due for an upgrade - and vendors are eager for sales.