Wednesday 17th Jul 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

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Tooled up to optimise

The economy may be improving, albeit slowly, but will "lean and mean" remain the order of the day?

Solving small problems

Information technology is all too often the elephant in the room, but retail market specialist Penelope Ody thinks it might be time to think small.

Deliveries of delight

Online shopping is growing - but when will home delivery services bring customer satisfaction?

Seeking solutions

An expert and efficient 'solution' to help cut costs should be a priority.

Rationalised and optimal

The current recession has seen massive destocking by retailers - it this the new norm or will the shelves fill up again come the upturn?

Planning for changing times

Growing need for flexibility, responsiveness and adaptable supply chains might just encourage even more outsourcing as we wait for the upturn.

Encouraging long tail IT

Despite whatever the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics - robustly "disputed" by the British Retail Consortium - would have us believe, sales in the high street are rather less than buoyant. The ONS's 3.8 per cent year-on-year increase

Sharing the crystal ball

Along with the current spate of profits warnings and "disappointing" results, we've all noticed how retail clearance sales seem to start earlier and earlier each year. Long ago and far away they were in mid-January and July, now mid-December and early Jun

Europe on the edge

Predictably, some familiar themes kept recurring at the Extended Supply Chain 2008 conference, held in London last month.

Rethinking the unthinkable

Economic forecasters agreed there are tough times ahead, so a little imagination and future planning may not come amiss.