Monday 20th Jan 2020 - Logistics Manager Magazine

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A Shift to the East

The reshaping of the European Union will affect distribution in some profound ways. Romania, regarded by many as a wild frontier, could soon become a significant transit hub.

Go with the flow

How do you achieve an accurate forecast in retail? Enter ‘flowcastin’. By Penelope Ody

Making the most of RFID

Interest in RFID has been preoccupied with stock keeping but signs of a more innovative approach are evolving.

Get ready to rummage

The consumer packaged goods sector is embracing retail-ready packaging. Will this mean fewer stock-outs or simply untidier shelves? By Penelope Ody

Better laid plans

There are clever technical solutions for every supply chain activity – so why does everyone use spreadsheets? By Penelope Ody

Bringing home the bacon

With more shoppers buying online, getting the goods home is presenting fresh challenges. By Penelope Ody

Give RFID a second chance

After the hype, many feel disillusioned with RFID but the technology continues to move ahead as prices fall and trials proliferate.

Beat the bureaucrats’ ban

Global sourcing is an everyday fact of retail life – or it is until the protectionists get involved, putting supply chain issues on the front page. By Penelope Ody

For better or for worse

IT consolidation is the name of the game, but is that good news for customers?