Saturday 17th Mar 2018 - Logistics Manager

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All set for lift off

With demand levels rising unabated, what is the outlook for occupiers seeking space in 2017? Liza Helps reports

A smarter future

Will augmented reality revolutionise the future of order picking? Alexandra Leonards takes a look at smart glasses and their place in the market.

Raining money

The recession taught some major corporations that, if they wanted to secure their supply chains, they needed to ensure that suppliers could finance their operations. Sam Tulip looks at the challenges of modern supply chain finance…

The big squeeze

Rent levels across Europe should be rising with growing demand for space both in big box locations and in urban centres but all is not what it seems. Liza Helps reports…

What’s the master plan?

Despite major technological improvements in business, faultless sales and operations planning is still very difficult to achieve. So how can companies advance the planning process? Alex Leonards explores…

Golden gates

There’s more than one way to load a trailer. Finding the best way could open the doors to huge efficiency, but there are many factors barring the way, says Johanna Parsons.

The robots are coming

The idea of mechanical servants goes right back to ancient mythology, but the past few years have seen advances in the technologies that are moving from automation to robotics. Malory Davies  examines the issues.

Procurement under pressure

Procurement has faced a number of heavy pressures over the past few years. Alexandra Leonards explores how the profession is responding to these new challenges, and the future for the sector.

Challenging the conventional

The need to reduce carbon emissions, together with the development of innovative network services, means that the dominance of traditional FTL and LTL road services is being nibbled away at in the pan-European transport market.

First degrees of separation

The UK government is starting to plan the country’s exit from the European Union. Malory Davies looks at the implications for supply chain professionals across the continent.