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GAME Stores

GAME Stores (specialist video-game retailer from the UK) and Vanderlande Industries cooperated on an automated distribution centre which lowered GAME Stores’ resource dependency, improved their efficiency and flexibility and improved their service level t

Innovative partner networks

Industry leaders focused on the critical issues of creating and managing effective supply chain partner networks at the latest Supply Chain Standard Round Table, sponsored by Wesupply.

Balancing risk

Two major humanitarian disasters - the Burmese cyclone and the Chinese earthquake - provided a sombre backdrop to ''Supply Chain Standard''s Roundtable discussion on supply chain risk. But as Dave Food, business development director from the meeting's

Getting to grips with collaboration

For an older generation, ''collaboration'' has a sinister sound. But in the modern, dispersed and globalised supply chain, collaboration, up and down the chain, or even with apparent competitors, may be desirable or even essential

Reducing the risk of sc transformation

Retailers and manufacturers are under immense pressure to increase the performance of their supply chains, so it is not surprising that many resort to tough tactics in response to growing competition.

Time to collaborate with the competition?

The need to develop sustainable distribution systems is driving new interest in collaboration, but companies still need to learn that logistics need not be a competitive issue, argues DEAN WYATT

Oliver Wight

Oliver Wight is a leading specialist consultancy, operating in over 20 countries worldwide, delivering business excellence for clients through sustainable behaviour change.

Reducing the risk of SC transformation

Once companies have made an initial change investment, how do they optimise their supply chains and continually drive for incremental improvements in people and processes? Sue Pryce shows the way.

Addressing the last link in the chain

The adoption of a sound strategy at the port-to-destination leg of the supply chain can have a direct impact on the amount and position of inventory, accuracy of forecasting, availability of product at DC, store or manufacturing line, and ultimately the

The challenges of returns processing

At almost every ''Supply Chain Standard'' Roundtable over the past year or so, the conversation has come around to reverse logistics - the business of pulling goods back from some point in the supply chain, be it a distribution centre, a store, or a