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The challenges of returns processing

At almost every ''Supply Chain Standard'' Roundtable over the past year or so, the conversation has come around to reverse logistics - the business of pulling goods back from some point in the supply chain, be it a distribution centre, a store, or a

Swisslog – Procter & Gamble

A casestudy on the LoadBuilder module at the Reading site of Procter & Gamble, which has helped to drive down transport costs and offers flexibility in meeting P&G’s customer needs.

The challenge of change

Supply chain management is at one of those once-in-decade crossroads when it is time to make significant changes to accepted practices in order to maintain efficiency and profitability. NIGEL GALLIER looks at some of the challenges ahead.

Future trends in the supply chain

The use of temporary labour, dealing with seasonal peaks in demand, retaining flexibility and responsiveness, managing risk, and aligning a supply chain to best serve the customer, are all dynamic areas of supply chain management.

Speed reading at Waterstone’s

Waterstone’s, the UK’s largest specialist book seller, is making a major investment in its supply chain that will cut costs and radically improve the range and availability of books in stores and online.

Understanding critical parts logistics

Maintaining a telecommunications network, IT system or an intricate piece of plant is a critical task for many enterprises. Ensuring that essential spare parts are in stock and available for field service engineers is of vital importance in fulfilling cus

Taking the trial out of pharmaceutical testing

Bringing new drugs to market is a very expensive business: typically it can cost over €500 million and - given time limitations on patents - the pharmaceuticals company then has just 5-10 years or so to recoup its investment and make a profit for most the

Challenges of the healthcare and life sciences sector

Late cancellations meant our November Roundtable discussion, supported by DHL-Exel Supply Chain, was somewhat bereft in quantity, but for quality this meant that our ability to drill down into some of the detail of a very idiosyncratic, not to mention lif

Inventory:the great debate

No one ever got fired for having too much inventory, but they certainly have for running out of stock. With that warning from Professor David Simchi-Levi, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ringing in their ears attendees at Supply Chain Standa

Vocollect – Balford Farms

Founded in 1891, Balford Farms is the oldest continuously operating independent dairy distributor serving the greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas of Pennsylvania; central and southern New Jersey; along with portions of Delaware, Maryland, Virgini