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Setting the code for collaboration

Leading global e-business standards consortium, RosettaNet, created its Global Logistics Council last year. Exel’s Mark Patel, the first Chairman of the Council, outlines the organisation’s ambitious agenda.

Exploring the middle ground

A Logistics Europe Round Table in June, supported by IBM and Intentia, discussed the challenges and opportunities facing midrange distributors in a fast changing business environment.

Serving aces in IT support

With an increasing number of businesses relying on collaborative technologies for efficient trading with international partners, IT service management (ITSM) is coming to the fore. Jane Seeley explains what IT service management is and why it should be on

Globalising IT in the supply chain

To overcome the complexities of globalisation, integrated IT solutions are key to maintaining consistency and visibility. Martin Neil highlights the benefits of globally integrated IT services and solutions for supply chain management.

Better healthcare through leaner logistics

Hospitals have traditionally relied upon nursing and care staff to manage and replenish stocks, an activity that, though important, is not the most effective use of finite nursing resources. Simon Duddy illustrates how supply chain best practice can be

Reverse logistics moves forward

One area of the supply chain where value can be created and recovered at marginal cost is reverse logistics. Steve Butler highlights some of the key drivers that have placed this much overlooked subject at the top of supply chain agendas.

Supply chain cure for clinical trials

As the pharmaceutical industry is faced with a range of challenges from dwindling research and development (R&D) pipelines to increased competition from generic pharmaceutical substitutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers are refocusing their resources and lo