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Healthy, wealthy and smart

Anthony Mitchell describes some recent trends in healthcare logistics and offers support in the ongoing battle against counterfeit medicines

Developing management skills for supply

What competencies and skills are most useful for 'enlightened' management of the supply chain? Our round table looked for best practice in developing the right skill set. By Chris Lewis

An agenda for growth

What are the key factors driving growth in outsourced supply chain management? John Pattullo gives some pointers to where the sector is heading.

The problem with inventory

European manufacturers are going wrong with inventory optimisation. James Hurrell explains how it could be done so much better.

Prescription for growth

Finnish pharmaceutical distributor Oriola is reaping the benefits of a new IT system which offers greater management of sell-by dates and batch control.

I see no juggernauts

Writing in the October issue of Logistics Europe, regular columnist Peter Bartram quoted a leading international economist as saying that the days of $25 a barrel oil were probably gone forever. Perhaps that's right. So, what does this mean for commercial

Making ‘Labour Management’ work

Recruiting, retaining and motivating staff is a long-standing problem for logistics operations, made more acute, in the UK at least, by the current relatively high levels of employment. What makes a company good to work for?

Retail and everything in between

'It is possible for the seller to sell, the retailer to retail, and the supply chain specialist to do everything in between.’ Although this statement is undoubtedly true, the issues are whether the outsourced supply chain management sector is really capab

The next big thing…

Although content to leave futurology to the experts, Jon Bumstead believes he has identified the next big thing in logistics.

Supplier network collaboration

The 21st Century is going to be very different in terms of how people relate to their 'supply chains'. That was the view of Sharon Boyes-Schiller of SkyScape Solutions, sponsors of this month's Logistics Europe Round Table discussion. By Sam Tulip