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It’s all about flexibility

Supply chain professionals face daunting challenges in terms of optimising supply chains, reducing costs and saving on emissions. It led to a vigorous discussion when we asked a group of leading supply chain professionals to consider some of the key issues at a round table sponsored by DP World London Gateway.     Click on […]

Innovative partner networks

Industry leaders focused on the critical issues of creating and managing effective supply chain partner networks at the latest Supply Chain Standard Round Table, sponsored by Wesupply.

The challenges of returns processing

At almost every ''Supply Chain Standard'' Roundtable over the past year or so, the conversation has come around to reverse logistics - the business of pulling goods back from some point in the supply chain, be it a distribution centre, a store, or a

Complexity and the extended supply chain

According to the World Trade Organisation the yearly real growth of world merchandise exports averaged six per cent in 2005 after outstandingly strong growth of 9.5 per cent in the preceding year. With such rapid growth in global trade and with consolida

Buying into Sustainable Global Sourcing

Supply chains are becoming more extended and complex as retailers move to sourcing goods on a global basis. Motivated by lower manufacturing costs, retailers and distributors are now confronted by greater complexity in managing the flow of goods to market

Calculating the Risks and Benefits of Automation

Committing to a warehouse automation project requires complete confidence in the forward strategy of the company, a full understanding of present and future supply chain requirements, a detailed knowledge of the product profiles being handled and importan

The challenge of innovation – balancing risk and reward

Applying innovative technology in an intelligent fashion can yield real benefits, but how do you identify a tangible application, assess the risks and justify the expenditure? Which particularareas merit focus and produce most value? Our roundtable panell

The challenge of Global Sourcing

The trend to globalisation shows no signs of weakening. The purpose of this round table debate was to explore some of the many challenges that global sourcing is throwing up for supply chain operations and for the wider business. By Sam Tulip

Developing management skills for supply

What competencies and skills are most useful for 'enlightened' management of the supply chain? Our round table looked for best practice in developing the right skill set. By Chris Lewis

Supplier network collaboration

The 21st Century is going to be very different in terms of how people relate to their 'supply chains'. That was the view of Sharon Boyes-Schiller of SkyScape Solutions, sponsors of this month's Logistics Europe Round Table discussion. By Sam Tulip