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Easy assembly pallets pallets

Palletower says its new range of Nestable Roll Pallets is economically priced as well as quick and easy to assemble. When not in use the pallets fold and nest together for economical storage, and 125mm diameter nylon casters with roller bearings en

Fuel performance high on agenda

Drinks logistics provider Tradeteam has bought 22 6x2 Volvo FM12 tractor units. High on Tradeteam's list of priorities was fuel performance and, after extensive trials with a demonstrator, it was getting 8.4mpg compared to the 8mpg average of other

Employers must take responsibilitymust

If the law says you have to have a licence to drive on public roads, why not the same for a forklift truck in the work environment? After all, both can create the same damage and fatalities.

Port of Felixstowe celebrates

The number of containers being transported by rail through the Port of Felixstowe has reached an all-time high. A weekly total of 7,006-plus containers was handled for the first time ever towards the end of April 2004, breaking the previous

B8 Planning Approval

Go to a restaurant where there are 50 covers and 50 cooks but only one waiter and you won't have a very good evening. That waiter could be Maurice Greene but you won't be eating until midnight. In the same way, there are some major issues that need to be

Latest three-wheelers offer productivity benefits

Hyster's new range of electric three-wheel, front-wheel drive trucks - the J1.60-2.00XMT ACX series - combines the latest AC and CANbus technologies with cutting-edge ergonomics. The new truck comes with 1,000-hour service intervals on most major c

Quicker loading with demounts

DIY chain B&Q is using demountable bodies for the distribution of kitchen units direct to customers' homes. The retailer is using the Ray Smith Group's system of quick transfer of short van bodies, already containing the deliveries, to compact truc

Quiet please!

On a tour of a car manufacturer's factory in Germany recently it was perhaps not surprising just how noisy the bodyshop is, as robots meticulously cut a variety of body panels to size for the range of cars being produced. However, what was surprising was

VNA racking maximises storage

The Widdowson Group, which offers a variety of services including storage, distribution and freight forwarding, has been supplied with a very narrow aisle (VNA) racking solution to provide 14,000 pallet