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M&S lights Fuse to remove excess stock

Marks & Spencer is making use of new tools to help remove excess stock trapped in stores where it does not sell, and holding it centrally, improving availability and making stores easier to shop.

Amazon introduces click and collect option

Amazon has launched Counter in the UK and Italy that allows customers to collect their Amazon parcels in-store at a partner location such as retail outlets and convenience stores.

Retailers get tough on serial returners

One in five retailers has toughened up their returns policy in the last year in an effort to curb the number of customers over-ordering items knowing they will return the majority of them, research by Barclaycard has revealed.

Mercadona invests €120m in automation

Mercadona, the Spanish supermarket chain, is investing more than €120 million in automation for its fresh food at four new distribution centres located in Seville, Valencia, Alicante and Zaragoza.

Drop shipping to disrupt retail operations

Retailers and manufacturers that have adopted a high degree of electronic collaboration have benefited most from drop shipping, according to a study by DiCentral and the Centre for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh University.