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A better place to do logistics?

With the increasing cost and difficulty of setting up distribution centres in traditional areas, should supply chain professionals be looking towards ports to take on an enhanced role in the supply chain? James Falkner looks at what schemes are currently

Catching the wave

Buoyant times lie ahead for sea freight operations, says Chris Fahy. For many years regarded as a largely commoditised activity, concerned only with port-toport operations, sea freight is, at last, winning recognition for the crucial role it has to play i

Pressure point

Central to European logistics activity, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg – the ‘Benelux’ region – is set to benefit from the trend to outsource from China. Within easy reach of Europe’s prosperous consumer population demand for distribution facilit

DP World agrees to buy P&O

Dubai Ports World, the state-backed ports operator, have agreed to acquire P&O for £3.3bn.

Dubai stalks P&O

P&O, the UK's largest ports and ferries operator has received an approach from Dubai Ports World that could value the company at £3bn.

P&O approached by DP World

Britain’s largest ports and ferries operator, P&O, has received an approach from Middle Eastern rival Dubai Ports World (DPW). The move was announced yesterday and could value the company at £3Bn.

Leaders of the pack

European logistics providers face rising costs, legislative restrictions, intense competitive pressures and increasingly complex demands from customers. Many are struggling to maintain margins – only the leanest and meanest will survive. So, who are the l

Containing the containers!

Historically, the technical breakthrough in intermodal freight transport came with the invention of the modern container (a steel box of a standard size, measured in 20ft equivalent units known as TEUs) by Malcolm Maclean in the 1960s.