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Tesco launches rail service to Wales

Tesco has launched a new rail service from its rail enabled distribution centre at Daventry to the Wentloog terminal in South Wales to serve its Magor distribution centre

Scots “pitifully small” rail freight budget

Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of freight which could have switched to rail transport will stay on the roads as a result of the Scottish government’s 62.5 per cent cut in funding for Freight Facilities Grants

HS2 must not distract from rail freight development

The government’s decision to push ahead with a high speed rail line to the Midlands and North West (HS2) got a welcome from the Rail Freight Group and a warning from the Freight Transport Association that it must not be allowed to distract from the needs

New locos for Direct Rail Services

Rail freight operator Direct Rail Services has ordered a fleet of newly designed mixed traffic diesel locomotives for use in its intermodal and passenger train operations

Germany in the dock over rail inter-operability

The European Commission has is to refer Germany to the European Court of Justice for failure to implement common rules on achieving inter-operability of European railways

Tesco launches new rail services

Tesco has launched the first of two new rail services which it reckons will take 40,000 lorries a year off the road

Asda expands rail operations

Asda is expanding its use of rail to move containers from Southampton to the North East of England