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COVID-19: Davies Turner increases warehousing capacity

Davies Turner chairman Philip Stephenson has called for innovative thinking from the logistics sector in the face of regional trade restrictions and freight capacity pressures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maersk launches strategic review

Editor’s Blog: Brexit Budget will have wide implications for logistics

Hands up if you can remember the name of the new chancellor? He replaced Sajid Javid…. He likes drinking Yorkshire tea…. Congratulations to those who said Rishi Sunak! Amid all the falling share prices following the coronavirus crash yesterday I bet you’d forgotten there is a budget tomorrow… and quite a crucial one of the […]

Editor’s Blog: Supply chains feel the sustainability squeeze

If there is one buzz-word for 2020 already it is sustainability. You can’t avoid yet another multinational making one claim or another about making its supply chain sustainable. All, I am sure, are well-meant and heartfelt by those at the very top. You just hope it isn’t lip-service to a more eco-conscious consumer.