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Rail freight grants cut a “body blow”

The Potter Group (TPG) has criticised Department for Transport (DfT) plans to merge rail freight grants with water and road grants, saying the move will see support for rail freight drastically cut by 2007/8. The company adds that the decision thre

Eco-friendly deliveries

With thousands of hotels and restaurants close together, inner London is a huge business potential for food suppliers. However, there is a costly downside - traffic congestion, the £5 daily congestion charge and the increased fuel costs due to the constan

Mix and match specifications

Atlet has launched its new generation series of high performance low level order pickers (Tempo PP) and pedestrian pallet transporters and stackers (Alto PS).

Going forward the northern way

A new £100M growth fund to help drive forward a vision for the economy of the North of England was launched in September by the three Northern Regional Development Agencies (One Northeast, Yorkshire Forwards and the Northwest Development Agency). The grow

Towards 2030? A long term approach to transport

One thing is clear. The industry cannot complain about the lack of transport documents and legislation flowing from the Government over recent years. The 1998 transport White Paper - A New Deal for Transport - was the first in more than 20 years, and focu

Size, weight and capacity critical

Centura Foods has specified a fleet of Still forklift and warehouse trucks for goods movement operations at its manufacturing, packaging and distribution plant at Middlewich, Cheshire.

The European dimension of Freight Transport

Road Freight Transport: In 1988, before the Masstricht Treaty, one of the first things the EU did was to harmonise transit documents for trucks and freight crossing internal EU frontiers, reducing the previous sheaf of paper to a single form, before aboli

Order picking within five minutes

Xero has awarded TNT Logistics UK a three-year contract to manage the company's critical spare parts operation. The contract involves the management of the London central parts warehouse and delivery to Xerox engineers - typically within 40