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Carbon offset plan for air cargo company

Air Charter Service, the cargo and passenger air chartering company, is to off-set CO2 emissions generated by its worldwide offices purchased through The CarbonNeutral Company.

It’s time the construction sector adopted good SC practice

As British MPs contemplate the unwelcome prospect of decamping from the splendour of the Palace of Westminster to a near by building while building work is undertaken on the mid-nineteenth century structure, construction logistics comes very much to mind.

DfT commitment to rail freight is good news

A strategy document from the Department for Transport has given long-term support to continued growth of rail freight. Derrick Potter, board member of the Rail Freight Group and executive director of The Potter Group, welcomes it.

Supply chain challenges of multi-channel retailing

Retailers are facing increasing supply chain complexity. With growing competition from online retailers many leading high street players are adopting an integrated multi-channel retail strategy in order to meet the varied demands of the consumer. But such

Time to get carbon conscious

Once considered the domain of eco-warriors, such as 'Swampy' and Prince Charles, environmental awareness has, over the past year, been catapulted to the forefront of main-stream thinking - we are now all expected to be 'greener' than 'green'.

Counting the costs of global sourcing

What are the true costs of global sourcing? Research conducted by Cranfield's Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management for the UK Department of Transport highlights the significant risks and environmental impact of sourcing from distant low-cost

Green and mean

How do you balance 'lean' with 'green'? Consumers want goods that have been ethically sourced and delivered in an environmentally responsible way - however they are not keen on paying extra for them. So to what degree can the FMCG sector accommodate thes

Greening the supply chain

Building a greener supply chain is not easy with conflicting views on carbon offsetting, food miles and biofuels. Technology can help - but so can a radical review of accepted practices.