Friday 19th Jul 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

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The long road to local sourcing

The maxim ‘The customer is king’ has always held true in retailing. The problem is ‘the king’ is now more demanding than ever.

Behind the shed

A team from MAN ERF UK and S&B Training, have returned from a two week trip to Nigeria, where they have been overseeing the construction of motorcycle ambulance trailers.

Heading for a traffic free future

Cutting congestion in our city centres is vital before we all grind into permanent gridlock. Chris Hudson puts the case for urban consolidation centres

Sound advice

Beleaguered logistics managers across Europe are putting radio frequency identification (RFID) projects on the back burner and concentrating on data capture systems with a more immediate payback such as voice technology. By John Lamb

DfT to investigate rolling stock leases

The Department for Transport is investigating the cost of rail rolling stock leases. It is concerned that there is a lack of effective competition within the market and lack of transparency as to how leasing charges are applied.

TIF list is wish list

The Freight Transport Association has welcomed the new Transport Investment Fund (TIF) scheme from the DfT, however it warned that it does not go far enough.

Urban hits and myths

It's a tough job but someone has to do it - deliver goods in our major cities with the traffic jams and waiting restriction at the delivery point. Malory Davies looks at the measures that can be taken to make life a bit easier in the urban jungle.