Tuesday 25th Feb 2020 - Logistics Manager Magazine

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Going lean to be green

Organisations are constantly looking at ways in which to become leaner, greener, and more agile. Employing Lean Principles to streamline a business and support its supply chain is integral to achieving this. Nicky Hartery gives Dell’s perspective on a dir

eCourier goes carbon neutral

Online courier company eCourier.co.uk is offsetting its carbon emissions by investing in carbon-saving projects.

Be keen to talk green

Supply chain players must engage with the debate on climate change and carbon taxes. By Sam Tulip

HSE withdraws advice on transporting paper

The Health and Safety Executive has withdrawn its advice booklet on the transport of paper, because it conflicts with the Departtment for Transport’s Code of Practice.

Food miles survey gains support

The UK Food and Drinks Transport Costs survey, a study commissioned by the Department for Transport, is gaining support from UK supermarkets and food manufacturers alike.

Scala to conduct ‘food miles’ survey

The Department for Transport has commissioned Scala Logistics Consulting to conduct surveys into the cost of ‘food miles’ on the environment and the UK transport system.

The long road to local sourcing

The maxim ‘The customer is king’ has always held true in retailing. The problem is ‘the king’ is now more demanding than ever.