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London emission concession for operators

The Freight Transport Association has welcomed the decision by Transport for London not to penalise operators that do not comply with the new Low Emission Zone rules provided they can prove that they have ordered retrofit systems ahead of the 3rd January

Chill wind for food supply chain

British prime minister David Cameron earned plaudits from his own political party for the way that he ducked out of plans for a new European treaty to strengthen the Euro last week

Grocery SC beating environmental targets

UK grocery retailers and manufacturers are three quarters of the way to reaching household food waste objectives, and half way to achieving packaging reduction targets, as set out in phase two of the Courtauld Commitment which runs between March 2010 and

Shipping emissions are a global issue, warns FTA

The Freight Transport Association has told the government that maritime emissions reductions should be tackled at a global level through the International Maritime Organisation, rather than at a national or regional level

Carbon targets should include ocean freight

International shipping should be included in UK carbon emission targets for 2050, according the Committee on Climate Change which advises the UK government

Boris “agonised” over London emission decision

London mayor Boris Johnson agonised over the decision to introduce tougher standards for the London Low Emission Zone, Peter Hendy, the Transport for London commissioner has told the Road Haulage Association annual lunch

Dangerous to ignore it

Supply chain collaboration has long been talked about as the next big thing, yet more often that not it remains a boardroom discussion rather than an operational reality. But as companies begin to plateau after the recession, could now be the time for col