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FMCG diversification

Procurement service provider Freight Traders is continuing to diversify into sectors away from its fast-moving consumer goods and has recently completed a bulk tanker tender in the chemical sector for Rohm and Haas Company - one of the world's largest

Getting it right pays

Previously the top warehousing locations have geographically focused on centrally located hubs within the UK, such as the Midlands and the M8 corridor, between Edinburgh and Glasgow. This was to take advantage of accessibility, travel times and access to

Lifestore experience

The Marks & Spencer Lifestore store was launched in Gateshead last February. It is a brand new retail experience based on the rituals of everyday life, rather than retail convention, and takes customers through nine worlds that respond directly to the way

Ingersoll-Rand sells site for £2.5M

Matthew & Goodman, acting on behalf of Ingersoll-Rand, has secured the sale of a 12,090sq m production facility on 10.9 acres at Swan Lane, Hindley Green, as part of the continual restructuring of Ingersoll-Rand's manufacturing operations in the UK. The q

Heywood site available soon

One of the largest distribution facilities in the UK will soon become available at Heywood, which is located close to J3 of the M66 and J18 of the M62 motorways. Following the departure of Index later this year, new owners Moorfield and Group and Westbroo

Europe’s DC hot spots

Traditional distribution hubs in western and central Europe are soon to face stiff competition. Expansion of the European Union in May 2004 is expected to have a significant affect on Europe’s distribution site ‘hot spots’. But many factors come into play

Making space

With manufacturing moving East, storage requirements are shifting from ‘goods for manufacture’ to space for a growing flow of imported products. Patterns are changing, but the trend is for ever more space. Can the developers keep up with demand?

Rents ready for take-off?

In the context of the logistics business, West London is a pivotal location serving both the huge demand of the capital city and also - via Heathrow - the international flow of goods which are either arriving in or departing from the UK. Heathrow remains

Distribution property demand lagging behind

Occupier demand for commercial property hit a two-year high over the past six months as confidence rose for the first time in 18 months, according to a report by the CBI and property adviser GVA Grimley. However, the twice-yearly survey, covering offices, shops, factories and warehouses, reveals that demand for distribution property is fall is […]

Spanish distribution park fully occupied

The state-of-the-art logistics park in Zaragoza, Spain, has announced full occupation of first stage build, which coincides with the official European launch of the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program in Madrid.