Tuesday 21st Nov 2017 - Logistics Manager

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No time for bluff and bluster

EU and UK negotiators are meeting today (Thursday) in an effort to get the Brexit negotiations back on track against a background of mounting evidence of the damage that is now being done to supply chains by the uncertainty being created.

Europe’s engineering companies call for frictionless trade

CEEMET the European employers’ organisation representing 200,000 companies of the metal, engineering and technology-based industries, has called the EU Council of ministers and UK to ensure that a meaningful transition agreement is achieved before the end of the year, to avoid damaging complex and integrated supply chains and export activity.

BIFA calls on members to talk Customs after Brexit

BIFA is calling on its members to take part in a survey which is designed to “gain a better understanding of the scale of potential Customs procedure training that will be required post-Brexit within the freight forwarding sector.”

Supply chain workers: raising the cost of Brexit

Almost one in eight retailers have raised prices since the Brexit vote and rising employment costs could drive further price rises, the British Retail Consortium revealed this week.