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Lloyd Fraser cuts paper-based procurement

The Lloyd Fraser Group is extending its relationship with COA Solutions by implementing an electronic system to replace paper-based procurement and increase business efficiency.

Striking innovations at CeMat

A number of innovative fork lift truck technologies were unveiled at this year’s CeMat trade fair show.

Sustainability is key to supply chain development

There is a strong correlation between sustainability and the future supply chain of the consumer products and retail industry, according to a new study by the Global Commerce Initiative together with Capgemini.

The scene is set for e-procurement growth

Many companies are now using so-called e-procurement implementations to facilitate catalogue-based buying of indirect materials, such as office supplies. This is fine, but the savings on these types of deployments are rarely substantial. Shaving pennies

Uncertainty principle

If supply chain practice ever needs a fashionable rebranding, we could do worse than style ourselves ''risk managers'', for in these economically and politically febrile times, managing and mitigating risk is an increasing part of what we do

Green impact

In stark contrast to the strong rating of the significance of green issues to the development of the business only 23 per cent measure the carbon footprint of their products Over the last decade outsourcing the manufacturer of goods to distant, low-cost

Global sourcing survey reveals ethical weaknesses

Working in partnership with research organisation YouGov, Supply Chain Standard has just completed a major survey into 'Future Global Sourcing Strategies'. The results reveal the impact of green issues, oil price rises, ethical concerns, and inflation in

Innovation ensures easy ride for car manufacturer

Delphi Automotive Systems has designed an innovative picking process to meet the challenge of supplying, in assembly line sequence, the correct suspension module for each corner of more than 5,200 vehicles per week.

Take control of your supply chain

The concept of the supply chain execution system has grown out of the warehouse management system. There is general agreement that an SCE must cover the fundamental of receiving, inventory management, all aspects of picking, replenishment and shipping.

Learning about complexity

The more dynamic the business environment becomes with fast changes in demand, globalisation, outsourcing, e-commerce and higher environmental standards, the more important it becomes to understand how complex systems work.