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Out of africa

Does Africa have the potential to be the next major low-cost manufacturing region, following in the footsteps of Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia? It is certainly possible and quite probable as well.

Cutting waste out of retail logistics

With lean times affecting the purchasing behaviour of the consumer, retailers are going to have to embrace 'lean thinking' and adopt a long-term view to partnership if they are going to maintain their margins

Open the door to innovation

Developments in logistics practice, legislation and technology have all combined over the past few years to change the way the loading bay is perceived and used.

Rapid globalisation is stretching the supply chain

Supply chains are losing flexibility due to rapid globalisation, causing major concern to more than 60 per cent of companies surveyed in sixth annual Global Supply Chain Trends Survey published by PRTM.

Lloyd Fraser cuts paper-based procurement

The Lloyd Fraser Group is extending its relationship with COA Solutions by implementing an electronic system to replace paper-based procurement and increase business efficiency.

Striking innovations at CeMat

A number of innovative fork lift truck technologies were unveiled at this year’s CeMat trade fair show.

Sustainability is key to supply chain development

There is a strong correlation between sustainability and the future supply chain of the consumer products and retail industry, according to a new study by the Global Commerce Initiative together with Capgemini.

The scene is set for e-procurement growth

Many companies are now using so-called e-procurement implementations to facilitate catalogue-based buying of indirect materials, such as office supplies. This is fine, but the savings on these types of deployments are rarely substantial. Shaving pennies