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Use Your Initiative

Leading consumer packaged goods companies are collaborating through the Global Upstream Initiative to design a process model and supporting XML message standards which will greatly aid supply chain integration.

Integration Moves into the Middle Ground

Mid-market companies are fast growing enterprises with all the complex issues – albeit on a smaller scale – of larger organisations. Systems integration needs to be a low risk operation. But don’t sell yourself short, you need processes, systems and proce

Buying into Sustainable Global Sourcing

Supply chains are becoming more extended and complex as retailers move to sourcing goods on a global basis. Motivated by lower manufacturing costs, retailers and distributors are now confronted by greater complexity in managing the flow of goods to market

The ghost of Christmas yet to come

Are you geared up to take a slice of the €15.6 billion, 2007 online Christmas cake? With the ghost of Christmas past still stalking retailer’s financial results, its time leading players looked seriously at adopting an Integrated Multi Channel Retail stra

Innovative Thinking

The ELA has a packed agenda for 2007. More than ever, there is a need for education, the sharing of best practice, networking and innovative thinking.

The value matrix

Aligning the value propositions in your supply chain gives you that special market identity that keeps customers coming back for more, says Veronica Martinez

Van-tastic innovations

The move to more frequent deliveries of smaller consignments is accelerating the growth in light and multi-purpose vehicle markets. James Falkner looks at some of the latest innovations.

Working on the margins

Supply chain costs as a percentage of revenue are increasing for retailers. A new strategic approach is needed if costs are to be minimised and margins increased. So, what makes a winning retail supply chain?

The green mile

Local sourcing is a relatively new challenge to the supply chains of retailers in the UK, but one which looks set to grow in significance.

Borealis wins Belgian logistics project award

On October 4th the Belgian logistics associations VIB and ABCAL held their annual gala event to announce the winner of the Supply Chain Award - Project of the Year 2006.