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Catalyst integration strategy

Catalyst International has agreed a formal partnership with Jade Communications, a UK-based network integration specialist.

The art of fulfilment

As businesses scour the globe for low-cost sources of supply, results from a recent Europe wide survey on fulfilment reveal the key priorities of leading supply chain executives. SERGIO NOGUEIRA discusses the results and uncovers the issues associated wit

Add supply chain sparkle

Tom McGuffog, chairman of UK Partners for Electronic Business, argues in his publication ‘Diamond: A General Theory of Value Chain Management Data’ that too many organisations fail to achieve their objectives of providing a cost effective service to their

Global sourcing now the norm

Global sourcing is becoming the norm, according to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply

Outsourcing set to boom

Spending on logistics services across the automotive, consumer, pharmaceutical, retail and technology industries is set to increase by 30 billion euros over the next five years as the size of outsourced logistics market grows by 33 per cent, according to

The Seven Deadly Sins

All too often public sector procurement falls short of best practice. Alastair James believes there are seven common errors that public sector procurement needs to guard against. Here are the seven deadly sins of public sector procurement.

Enter the Awards and find out just how good you really are

Just how good do you think your supply chain is? Those close to the operation may well have adifferent perception to those external to the organisation. And more often than not, far from management believing they are better than they are, it’s quite lik

Winning the Supply Battle

The swift advance of the US army on Baghdad was, among other things, enabled by the use of advanced RFID in the supply lines. BY Prof DR Walther Ploos Van Amstel, Daniel Uiterwijk And Flip Wubben