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The Seven Deadly Sins

All too often public sector procurement falls short of best practice. Alastair James believes there are seven common errors that public sector procurement needs to guard against. Here are the seven deadly sins of public sector procurement.

Improving Forecasting

AILOG and the Cattaneo LIUC University of Castellanza in Italy surveyed 35 leading companies in the beverage, pharmaceutical and home & personal care sectors, in order to gain a greater understanding of the interplay between Sales Forecasting and Demand

Configuring Your Supply Chain for Growth

Many ambitious, medium-sized companies – especially in distribution, manufacturing and retail – with designs on stepping up a weight are challenged on how best to go about it. Managers must ensure that processes and systems are aligned to deliver efficien

Winning hearts and sales

Winning the hearts and minds of customers should be central to any retailer’s forward strategy, say Daniel Bagge and Keith Burgess. Research indicates that 79 per cent of customers will actively commit to a deeper relationship after a satisfying experienc

Fragile future

Significant challenges face the future of supply chains – as the sourcing of goods from low-cost economies increase logistics costs as a proportion of the cost of goods sold and as ‘green’ retailers move to develop wholly sustainable supply chains. Solu

Use Your Initiative

Leading consumer packaged goods companies are collaborating through the Global Upstream Initiative to design a process model and supporting XML message standards which will greatly aid supply chain integration.

Integration Moves into the Middle Ground

Mid-market companies are fast growing enterprises with all the complex issues – albeit on a smaller scale – of larger organisations. Systems integration needs to be a low risk operation. But don’t sell yourself short, you need processes, systems and proce

Buying into Sustainable Global Sourcing

Supply chains are becoming more extended and complex as retailers move to sourcing goods on a global basis. Motivated by lower manufacturing costs, retailers and distributors are now confronted by greater complexity in managing the flow of goods to market

The ghost of Christmas yet to come

Are you geared up to take a slice of the €15.6 billion, 2007 online Christmas cake? With the ghost of Christmas past still stalking retailer’s financial results, its time leading players looked seriously at adopting an Integrated Multi Channel Retail stra

Innovative Thinking

The ELA has a packed agenda for 2007. More than ever, there is a need for education, the sharing of best practice, networking and innovative thinking.