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Plastic Packaging Tax to hit supply chain from 2022

The government has opened a ten-week consultation on a Plastic Packaging Tax which, from April 2022, will apply to plastic packaging manufactured in or imported into the UK containing less than 30% recycled plastic.

Maersk launches strategic review

Editor’s Blog: Brexit Budget will have wide implications for logistics

Hands up if you can remember the name of the new chancellor? He replaced Sajid Javid…. He likes drinking Yorkshire tea…. Congratulations to those who said Rishi Sunak! Amid all the falling share prices following the coronavirus crash yesterday I bet you’d forgotten there is a budget tomorrow… and quite a crucial one of the […]

Logistics Manager Analysis: Excellence in practice… Graze

The judges of the 2019 Supply Chain Excellence Awards described Graze’s capacity to respond to the huge peaks created by the retailers’ special promotions as supply chain excellence in practice. Christopher Walton spoke to its supply chain director George Munjas to discover how it does it…