Wednesday 22nd Nov 2017 - Logistics Manager

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Everyone’s tail is growing

Forecasting demand, and then balancing it with supply chain capabilities, has never been straightforward – there was no Golden Age when the customer’s economic order quantity bore any resemblance to the manufacturer’s economic batch quantity. And, says Sam Tulip, demand management is becoming more complex. 

26pc of refunded goods unfit for resale

26 per cent of refunded retail goods are unfit for resale, new research from Barclaycard has found. According to the credit card company, 57 per cent of merchants give refunds ‘regardless of product condition’ to keep good customer relationships.

High society

Managing large scale transport operations has become more challenging as supply chains have become more extended and more complex. More and more organisations are turning to the control tower concept.

Fashionable solutions

Spiralling online buying is sending the fashion industry into a spin. Does automation hold the key to a more efficient warehouse? Or is it a costly hindrance? Alexandra Leonards looks at automation’s place within the industry.

Peak challenges

The struggles and challenges faced in peak seasons will come under scrutiny from Justin Ferguson, logistics director at Buy It Direct, when he speaks at the Omni-Channel Conference later this month.

The last days of the spreadsheet

In a dynamic business environment where complexity rules, advanced planning systems are fast becoming ‘must have’ tools of the supply chain. Are the days of the spreadsheet numbered? By Nick Allen.

Demand Management: what’s the plan?

The starting point in any successful supply chain strategy has to be understanding the demand it will have to meet. And the first stop has to be getting sales and marketing to see the benefit to them of demand planning. Malory Davies reports.

Time to win hearts and minds

An effective S&OP process can have huge benefits for a business. But putting the process in place means involving senior management right across the business and facing up to some harsh realities. Malory Davies reports…