Wednesday 14th Nov 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

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Army trials robots for last mile resupply

British troops are starting tests of more than 70 examples of futuristic technology including surveillance drones and unmanned vehicles on Salisbury Plain. One of the key areas is autonomous last mile resupply.

Robotics takes centre stage at Awards

Advanced robotics and AI technologies are starting to transform the way logistics is done, and the winner of the 2018 Supply Chain Excellence Award for Robotics exemplified the way robotics is boosting throughput in parcels operations.

Autonomous trucks viable within a decade

Over three quarters of road transport companies believe autonomous trucks will become a viable option on the roads within the next decade, according to survey by the International Road Transport Union (IRU).

GA Pet Foods picks Daifuku

Daifuku has been awarded automated warehouse contract for UK’s leading pet food manufacturer.

Debenhams looks for supply chain savings

Debenhams plans further warehouse consolidation and automation along with a supply chain review, after revealing a pre-tax loss £491.5 million for the year to 1st September.

BS Handling Systems automates SCA Wood UK

BS Handling Systems has installed an 18.5 metre long pallet roller conveyor at SCA Wood’s Melton facility as part of SCA Wood’s plan to automate the palletisation of its softwood shavings bi-product.

Robotics and Automation hailed as major success

The Robotics and Automation Exhibition has been hailed as a major success after a second day which saw more big crowds of buyers attending the event at the Arena MK in Milton Keynes.

Technology to create bespoke solutions

L3 MacDonald Humfrey Automation highlighted the way it extends its customer offering with the use of virtual reality when it comes to bespoke solutions, while SP Technology showed a bespoke demo machine, the  eXtended Transport System.