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ABB trials remotely operated passenger ferry

ABB and Helsinki City Transport trialled the remote operation of passenger ferry Suomenlinna II through a test area near Helsinki harbour, demonstrating the possibility of human oversight of vessels from anywhere.

DHL invests $300m in technology

DHL Supply Chain is to invest $300 million to accelerate the integration of emerging technologies in 350 of its 430 facilities in North America.

Fenceless robot system from SICK

SICK, the German technology manufacturer, has developed a protection system to enable unrestricted safe access to fenceless robots that it reckons will make robots and cobots more productive.

Drone standards to be released

The ISO Draft International Standards for Drone Operations have been released for public consultation, with the final adoption of the world’s first drone Standards expected in the US, UK and worldwide in 2019.

People scared by self-driving lorries

Two people in five are scared by current and predicted advances in technology – while only one third are excited by the developments.

Army trials robots for last mile resupply

British troops are starting tests of more than 70 examples of futuristic technology including surveillance drones and unmanned vehicles on Salisbury Plain. One of the key areas is autonomous last mile resupply.

Robotics takes centre stage at Awards

Advanced robotics and AI technologies are starting to transform the way logistics is done, and the winner of the 2018 Supply Chain Excellence Award for Robotics exemplified the way robotics is boosting throughput in parcels operations.

Autonomous trucks viable within a decade

Over three quarters of road transport companies believe autonomous trucks will become a viable option on the roads within the next decade, according to survey by the International Road Transport Union (IRU).