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An innovation revolution

Technology and customer demands are changing rapidly in the spare parts market. Leading professionals discuss how these changes are impacting the industry at our round table sponsored by Flex.

TGW buys robotics specialist

TGW Logistics has acquired robotics company CHM Automatisierungstechnik, which is based in Stephanskirchen in Germany.

DHL pilots new robots for value-added tasks

DHL pilots new robots for value-added tasks

DHL is testing two collaborative robots on co-packing and value-added tasks in its warehouses. The robots, called Baxter and Sawyer, have been working on a number of tasks, including: assembly, kitting, packaging and pre-retail services.

Are robots really ready to take over?

Logistics operations have seen a steady growth in the use of automation, and we are starting to see robots becoming available. But, asks Malory Davies, how long will it be before they make a real impact?

Inventory innovation

Inventory management and optimisation is once of the most challenging tasks facing supply chain professionals. So what does it take to get it right? Malory Davies asks the questions.

Changing the concept of last mile delivery?

DHL has just completed a three month test of a “Parcelcopter” which automatically delivers and collects parcels from a special pack station. And the UPS Foundation is working on a plan to use drones to deliver vaccines in remote locations. If anyone thought drones were just a fad, here is the evidence that they are […]

UPS to use drones to deliver blood for transfusions

The UPS Foundation has formed a partnership with Zipline, a California-based robotics company, and Gavi, the vaccine alliance, to explore using drones to transform the way medicines like blood and vaccines are delivered across the world.