Sunday 17th Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

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Kardex Puma wins BMHF Innovation Award

Kardex has won the British Materials Handling Federation’s Innovation Award for its latest addition to its automated storage and retrieval range.

Unlocking Innovation and Portfolio Management

There was a time when it was enough to be either different or cheaper. Now, a more complex and challenging environment is driving companies to leverage aspects such as innovation and product portfolio management as value levers for growth. By Jerker Funne

Gambling on innovation

Chairmen and CEOs ignore the supply chain at their peril. Retailers may consider their main activity as selling, but the more astute may make a more considered analysis. The ‘Chairman’s Agenda’ column on page 22 of this issue refers to Wal-Mart’s descript

A decade of innovation

Over the past decade there have been some fundamental changes within the supply chain that have both enabled and necessitated the longer, more effective, optimised and IT-focused logistics solutions that we now take for granted. John Allan considers these