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Hermes launches Leeds innovation lab

Hermes has launched an innovation lab in Leeds. Initial projects for the lab are self-tracking parcels, intelligent delivery using location-based services and new tracking experiences.

Kivnon and ABB partner on collaborative Robot

Kivnon, the Auto Guided Vehicles company (AGV), and robotics company ABB have partnered up to develop a new collaborative robot AGV for the logistics and distribution industry.

Hyperloop being transported by DHL to california

DHL to deliver capsule for tube transport

DHL is to deliver the Delft Hyperloop, a capsule developed by students for the quick transport of goods and people in tubes, to California on its freighter plane. The logistics company are transporting the capsule for tests as part of the ‘Hyperloop Pod Competition’ run by well-known American entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Emergency drone delivery service for Rwanda

The world’s first emergency drone delivery service has been launched in Rwanda. The Rwandan government will now make up to 150 on-demand emergency deliveries every day to 21 transfusing facilities in the west of the country.

Time to be more revolutionary

Where are you in terms of industrial revolutions? Are you still in the steam age (the first industrial revolution) or implementing cyber-physical systems – now known as the fourth industrial revolution or Industrie 4.0?

An innovation revolution

Technology and customer demands are changing rapidly in the spare parts market. Leading professionals discussed how these changes are impacting the industry at our round table sponsored by Flex.

DHL targets robotics in €20,000 competition

Logistics robot market to hit $11bn by 2020

The global logistics robot market is predicted to hit $11.18billion by 2022, according to a Research and Markets report. This figure includes the sales of robotics hardware and software, as well as service spending.

Fashionable solutions

Spiralling online buying is sending the fashion industry into a spin. Does automation hold the key to a more efficient warehouse? Or is it a costly hindrance? Alexandra Leonards looks at automation’s place within the industry.

Linde demonstrates automated truck

Linde used IMHX to demonstrate its latest automated trucks, which have been developed as part of a partnership with robotics firm Baylo.