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Take the robot challenge

Can robots pick single items efficiently? It’s an important question for e-tailers that need to pick a range of disparate items to fulfil an order. So it’s no surprise that Amazon put up $20,000 as first prize in a competition to find the best robot.

How DHL harnesses innovation to deliver value

Novelty, invention and revolution: all hold connotations of innovation, but innovation is about improvement and modernisation, Mark Landmann, DHL’s head of product development, told delegates at the 3PL Conference in Birmingham on Thursday.

Hermes rejects Guardian living wage claims

Market changes drive 3PL innovation

Logistics providers are being pushed to provide increasingly innovative services as e-commerce increasingly makes the logistics provider the critical link between the retailer and the customer.

Automating tomorrow’s deliveries

Drones, driverless vehicles, robots, underground tunnels… futuristic delivery options are proliferating, but will they ever replace the ‘man with a van’?

Fast track innovation

Automation specialists are coming up with innovations to meet changing demands in both retail and manufacturing supply chains. Malory Davies reports.

How DHL uses innovation to drive growth

DHL’s head of product development Mark Landmann will open the second day of the 3PL Conference, with a discussion on how innovation and the provision of added value services can deliver growth.

Innovation is alive and well in the supply chain

One of the privileges of my job is that I sit as a judge in the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards – and every year I am struck by the drive, commitment and sheer ingenuity exhibited by the entrants.

Heavy innovations in the truck market

Forklift truck manufacturers have been lining up to extend their ranges of electric counterbalance trucks with heavier models, but that is not the only innovation.