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Heavy innovations in the truck market

Forklift truck manufacturers have been lining up to extend their ranges of electric counterbalance trucks with heavier models, but that is not the only innovation. 

Get me to the line on time

Automation projects in retail have made most of the headlines in recent times, but in many ways the manufacturing sector is even better territory for logistics automation projects. Malory Davies looks at developments.  

Driving innovation

Automotive supply chain strategies are being influenced by shifting markets and globalisation, but increasingly now it is consumer demand that is steering innovation, says Johanna Parsons

Going large

With warehouse automation, it is often thought that the bigger the investment, the better the return. But new developments mean that even smaller firms can take advantage, says Johanna Parsons

Innovation is a supply chain issue

Ask anyone to describe the innovation process and what they come up with will probably involve a small group of boffins working isolation from the rest of the world. But the world is changing, as Nokia's Kari Kulojärvi made clear today

Auto imperative

Retailers are being challenged to come up with inventory management strategies that meet extreme new delivery demands. Automation is increasingly being seen as a solution

Powering truck innovation

They may be big, heavy and full of corrosive liquid, but lead acid batteries still rule the roost. However, new technologies, such as fibre nickel cadmium and lithium ion, are now becoming available. And new battery technologies could mean new designs of

Stobart trials gas refuelling innovation

Stobart is trialling a gas refuelling technology that can make savings of 20 per cent, as part of a £23 million government sponsored programme to encourage operators to buy and use low-carbon commercial vehicles