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Extended value

The Extended Supply Chain conference programme is packed with strategic insight, innovative thinking and useful tools for enhancing visibility, responsiveness and flexibility across the supply chain. Here's what to expect. By Nick Allen.

A new spirit of dynamism for supply chain

What constitutes a dynamic supply chain and how do you bring all the elements into alignment to maximise its potential? Dr John Gattorna has the answers and will be the keynote speaker at the Extended Supply Chain conference

Critical source

Global sourcing has become a critical part of the supply chain mix, but with trade slowing having a clear understanding of supply chain costs is a top priority.

Danger in the chain

In a cold economic climate where manufacturers, retailers and suppliers are increasingly exposed to the dangers of financial failure, can steps be taken to ensure the integrity of the chain? Can good planning and set procedures reduce the chances of bein

Planning for survival

Under these testing economic circumstances, detailed planning and supply chain optimisation are going to be crucial factors in maintaining commercial and financial performance. But now, with global supply chains comes complexity and risk. Can technology o

For the greater good

Creating value in the supply chain has a close relationship with cutting out waste - and one of the best ways of removing waste from the supply chain is to automate repetitive processes that add little value.

Cutting waste out of retail logistics

With lean times affecting the purchasing behaviour of the consumer, retailers are going to have to embrace 'lean thinking' and adopt a long-term view to partnership if they are going to maintain their margins

Green impact

In stark contrast to the strong rating of the significance of green issues to the development of the business only 23 per cent measure the carbon footprint of their products Over the last decade outsourcing the manufacturer of goods to distant, low-cost