Saturday 30th May 2020 - Logistics Manager Magazine

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Locus Robotics primes warehouses for AMR deployment

Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) supplier Locus Robotics has revealed plans for a new service designed to ramp up the implementation of such robotics in e-commere, retail and healthcare-focused warehouses.

Logistics Manager Analysis: Forecasting and S&OP… Big data, big decisions 

Forecasting the demands of a business is also essential, for correct distribution of goods. However, as the supply chain changes so rapidly, especially with the rise of e-commerce, can forecasting professionals and S&OP specialists keep up with the ever-changing trends? Michelle Mooney investigates.  

Hikrobot launches AMR range in UK

Hikrobot has launched a range of autonomous mobile robots for intralogistics applications through its UK systems integrator partner Invar Systems.