Friday 22nd Mar 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

DB Schenker launches carbon neutral rail freight scheme

DB Schenker Rail UK has launched a scheme that allows clients to offset 100 per cent of their CO2 emissions with investment in climate change projects that aim to transfer technology and eradicate poverty across the globe.

Eco Neutral for zero carbon rail freight is the first scheme in the country to offer a fully carbon neutral product to the market. It has partnered with climate protection organisation Atmosfair, which acts to protect the climate by compensating greenhouse gases through the use of renewable energies, to deliver the scheme.

DB Schenker Rail UK calculates a customer’s CO2 emissions from their rail services to determine how much it will cost to compensate. The calculations take into account distance, weight, payload capacity, backload statistics, traction type, and fuel/electricity consumption. The customer can choose which project they wish to fund to compensate their CO2 emissions. Examples include the generation of clean electricity through wind turbines or a biogas support programme to guarantee an environmentally friendly energy supply.

Steve Pryce, head of marketing at DB Schenker Rail UK, said: “Rail freight already offers significant environmental benefits when compared with road – each tonne transferred by rail rather than road cuts CO2 emissions by 76 per cent. But at DB Schenker Rail UK we don’t stop there. We are committed to being an industry leader in this area, continuously investing in innovative ways to even further minimise the impact of our operations on the environment and help customers to reduce their carbon emissions.”