Thursday 21st Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

FSGB secures Amberon contract

Nationwide traffic management company Amberon has appointed Fleet Service Great Britain (FSGB) to manage its UK fleet.

The contract will see FSGB handle Amberon’s out-of-hours calls, and in addition the firm has launched a three-month maintenance management pilot, which it anticipates resulting in a fully-fledged contract.

Amberon, which operates 17 depots across England and Wales, provides coverage for clients in Scotland, the Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and Northern Ireland, supplying temporary traffic.

In the last 18 months , Amberon’s light commercial fleet has more than doubled in size to some 330 typically 3.5-tonne flatbed vehicles, but also including 20 HGVs and additionally 20 company cars.

General manager Terry Musson previously managed the fleet and out-of-hours calls in-house. However, Musson said that “the rapid expansion of the fleet as a consequence of business growth meant the company wanted to ‘plug into’ the knowledge and expertise of an external provider.

Marcus Bray, FSGB’s head of sales, said: “Amberon was the first company to use our out-of-hours service and our professionalism in delivering that solution led the company to instigate the maintenance management pilot.