Tuesday 11th Dec 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Get set for LM’s Technology Showcase

Logistics Manager’s Technology Showcase provides an ideal opportunity to catch up on the latest developments in logistics products and services through a series of practical workshops and demonstrations.

The event, which takes place on 24th & 25th June in London, is split into key themes covering warehousing and distribution technologies. There will be two main streams: Warehouse Management and CRM, and Telematics and Transport Management.

Sessions in the Warehouse Management and CRM stream will include:
* Business Intelligence Tools and Open Dashboard Solutions
* End to End Software Platforms
* Industry Specific versus Off the Peg Solutions
* Hardware and Mobile Devices
* Adapting and Integrating Legacy Systems
* Overcoming Challenges with Integration

Sessions in the Telematics and Transport Management stream will include:
* Collaborative TMS Platforms
* Technological Advancement
* Innovative Delivery Solutions
* Connectivity on the Road
* Hardware and Mobile Devices
* Overcoming Challenges with Integration

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