Sunday 17th Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Hyster launches empty container handler

Hyster has launched a new 5-8 high empty container handler, the H18-23XM-12EC, designed for handling single containers or for the increasing trend of double handling.

The machine will stack up to eight containers (two on six) high and helps to reduce cycle times when loading lorries, bringing two boxes down onto a truck, then lifting the top container ready for the next. It is also quick to reduce stack size when high wind speeds are expected.

“As container slot capacity grows worldwide, an increasing number of empty containers are usually expected to fit into the same yard space, quickly,” said Chris van de Werdt, sales manager for Hyster Big Trucks. “The result is higher stacks, a significant increase in double handling and an extra shift a day in some cases.

“We have spreader options that can lift 20ft, 40ft or 45ft on 40t pick-up points easily and quickly, all of them designed to reduce the chance of miss-picks,” he said. “We also deliver spreaders capable of lifting 45ft boxes at 45ft pick-up points.”