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Cure all

Here’s how one global medical technology and healthcare company has cured its supply chain problems by becoming more demand-driven.

Alan Waller

Though he claims once to have had a ‘real’ job with British Steel, the president of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport is that rare breed — a career consultant and academic who feels no need to apologise

Back to the issue of skills shortages

If there’s one subject I encounter wherever I go in Europe, it’s the question of the shortage of relevant skills in the logistics industry. Of course, this shortage varies in form from country to country but the underlying problem does not bode well for E

Ask the students

Papers from the ninth annual PhD workshop available

Serving aces in IT support

With an increasing number of businesses relying on collaborative technologies for efficient trading with international partners, IT service management (ITSM) is coming to the fore. Jane Seeley explains what IT service management is and why it should be on

Getting results

The first indications of the performance of the European logistics industry in 2004 have been provided by a number of companies releasing their annual results. Overall the sector has experienced a good year, although there are still several underperformin

Better out than in

To gain the benefits of outsourcing, many firms will have either to become more adept at the process as a core competency or be willing to outsource the outsourcing process istself.

Turning point

While car industry chiefs usually highlight labour costs and productivity as the main drivers of change, the supply chain holds the potential for some big wins
— and ones that are perhaps more immediately

Winner: NHS Logistics Authority (2)

The new Award for Team of the Year requires a little explanation. The judges were not primarily looking for evidence of group hugs around the water cooler, valuable though such techniques may be.

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