Sunday 23rd Sep 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

More buyers for Technology Showcase

The second day of Logistics Manager’s Technology Showcase drew in more equipment buyers keen to develop their understanding of market leading products and services.

Software as a Service was a key topic for the packed conference. James Hyde, founder and operations director of James and James, noting that when his firm started working with retailers there was a “disappointing array of antiquated and legacy systems”.

2014, saw e-commerce in the UK record growth of 18 per cent, matched by the EU, and the US not far behind on 15 per cent.

“With e-commerce representing the fastest growing retail market in Europe, and one of the fastest worldwide, better systems are needed,” he added. “Nearly one in five non-food purchases are now made online.”

DPS International managing director Paul Palmer said that SaaS sales now outstrip on-site sales nine to one. He noted that these figures are almost double expectations made by a number of firms in 2013, which said sales would be just five times bigger than on-site system sales in 2015.

“90 per cent of the market want this,” said Palmer. “In the Scandinavian and US markets, it is almost impossible to sell non-cloud systems, and we are seeing the UK catch up in this regard.”

Tailgate founder Brian Bolam said that his firm aims to use SaaS to provide capability to match supply and demand intelligently in the UK freight marketplace across all modes – road, rail and ocean.

“Empty running is at 29 per cent,” said Bolam. “And this figure has not dropped for over a decade. The internet and technology provides an opportunity to transform the industry’s efficiency by matching demand and supply in close to real time.”

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