New features for robotic warehouse solutions unveiled by 6 River Systems

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Fulfilment solutions provider 6 River Systems (6RS) has revealed new features for its robotic solution designed to improve the productivity and flexibility of warehouse operations.

The new functions are reportedly integrated with 6RS’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based Fulfillment Execution System and autonomous mobile robot (AMR), named Chuck. According to 6RS, this makes its product a highly configurable warehouse automation solution.

The company also offers the “tools and insights needed to maximise operations as fulfilment speed becomes a competitive differentiator for warehouse operators and the merchants they serve”.

The new functionality of 6RS’ wall-to-wall fulfilment solution was designed to support changing operational needs as e-commerce sales continue to soar and automated solutions become increasingly key to meeting demand.

The company suggests that this means appetites for automation technologies that support the workforce, grow margins and drive throughput are only getting stronger.

Rylan Hamilton, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of 6 River Systems, says: “Fulfilment can no longer be an afterthought as warehouses adapt to rising demand, labor costs and faster SLAs.

“Our customers need smart, interconnected solutions that integrate with existing infrastructure.

“Through both hardware and software, the improvements we made to our system empower warehouse operators to increase efficiency, stabilise labour and support continuous growth.”

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