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The challenge of Global Sourcing

The trend to globalisation shows no signs of weakening. The purpose of this round table debate was to explore some of the many challenges that global sourcing is throwing up for supply chain operations and for the wider business. By Sam Tulip

Supply Chain Risk Management

Cranfield School of Management has launched a Supply Chain Risk Forum in response to global events such as; 9/11, the foot and mouth outbreak and hurricane Katrina, which have all impacted on organisations and global supply chains.

A social conscience

Extension of CSR reporting up the inbound supply chain boosts transparency but raises some tricky questions.

Risk and reward

As logistics property developers pluck-up the courage to move into Eastern Europe, some are more keen on sites close to Ports in the West. But what do their clients want?

Visibility and control eliminates risk

Established for more than 110 years, Calypso Soft Drinks is a £26M company based in Wrexham, North Wales. The UK market leader in cup drinks, Calypso manufactures more than 500 million units a year to stock in a variety of single-serve packaging formats -