Thursday 21st Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Tim Waples promoted at Doosan

Doosan Industrial Vehicle has promoted Tim Waples to vice-president and CEO of the company’s expanded UK operations.

The new role was confirmed by Dr Keunbae Park, head of Doosan Industrial Vehicle, who travelled from Korea to attend the company’s UK Vision & Strategy conference.

Waples’ new role gives him overall responsibility for all Doosan’s UK operations, including Rushlift, the recently acquired national forklift supply and service business as well as Doosan’s core import sales business.

He has overseen the initial integration of the two businesses following the completion of the deal in March.

Waples said: “This promotion to head up DIV’s UK operation is a great honour and I’m looking forward to leading the company through our exciting next phase of growth.”

Graham Farquhar will be in overall day to day control of Rushlift as its managing director and chief operating officer.