Tuesday 25th Sep 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Transport hiring fall as companies rebalance workforces

Hiring intentions within the transport sector are at the lowest level since the start of 2013, with Manpower’s Outlook survey showing a ten percentage points dip compared to forecasts for the same period of 2014.

This reflects the fact that companies a changing the make-up of their staff and increasing their permanent workforces.

Simon Edwards, operations director at Manpower, said: “During the economic downturn, we saw logistics employers supplement their core workforce with contingent staff throughout the year, not just during traditional seasonal periods,” says Edwards.

“Few employers were taking on permanent staff, it really was a time of very cautious hiring. However, at the beginning of 2015, we saw confidence in the sector begin to return.”

This boost in confidence resulted in employers increasing their permanent workforce, and reducing their reliance on contingent workers. Now, said Edwards, the drop in hiring intentions for the coming quarter shows that employers are rebalancing their workforce for the long-term after a period of strong hiring, and adjusting their overall hiring mix.