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Vans steal the show at NEC

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New vans dominated at the Commercial Vehicle Show with a host of new products including Iveco’s new Daily which has just been voted International Van of the Year for 2015 and the Vision concept vehicle (above).

Iveco's new Daily has just been voted van of the year 2015

Iveco’s new Daily has just been voted van of the year 2015.

In addition, Vauxhall had its new Vivaro at the show while Mercedes had a new Vito. And Ford celebrated 50 years of the Transit van with its latest Custom Transit model.

Iveco’s Vision concept vehicle is designed to give an insight into what drivers and fleet operators might expect from future generations of Iveco light commercial vehicles.

Bob Lowden, managing director of Iveco UK, says: “This is our Vision of the future; a prototype for what the next generations of Daily may look like. Its creation is centered – above all – on low environmental impact mobility and safety.”


Vauxhall's new Vivar0

Vauxhall’s new Vivaro.

The Iveco Vision uses a dual energy system – one mode is exclusively electric, ensuring zero local emissions and low noise levels for inner city areas, and the other is hybrid (thermoelectric) and suitable for longer journeys and extra-urban missions, reducing consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 25 per cent compared with diesel-only equivalents.

Other features found on board include ‘see-through’ front pillars, adaptive LED lighting, and a photovoltaic roof which uses sunlight to generate battery power.


New Vito from Mercedes.

New Vito from Mercedes.

The launch of New Daily marks the full-scale re-engineering of Iveco’s best-ever selling commercial vehicle, it has now sold more than 2.6 million Dailys worldwide.

For the largest model in the range, Iveco has revised the ratio between wheelbase, total length and the carrying length giving 19.6 cu m capacity panel van – 2.4 cu m more that ad the previous largest Daily.

Iveco used the show as the official UK launch platform for the all-new Hi-Matic gearbox in New Daily; the first eight-speed automatic transmission to feature in a vehicle range in this class.

Vauxhall exhibited a selection of body types in the new Vivaro range, including Double cab, Combi and the new L2H2 Panel Van. Also on display was the new Corsavan along with Combo and Movano.

The new Vito from Mercedes-Benz has a payload of 930 kilos and a gross weight of 2.8 tonnes. The manufacturer showed a range of options at the show including panel van, crew van, Tourer PRO and Tourer SELECT.

Trailer developments
Trailer bodybuilder Don-Bur, had a 52 pallet double deck trailer on display. It also unveiled a new concept system designed to fill the gap between the front of the trailer and the back of the cab – it reckons this gap accounts for almost 25 per cent of total drag.

Don-Bur Aeris

Don-Bur’s Aeris concept.

It says the “Aeris” system, which is still in development, saves approximately five per cent in fuel. It only deploys when the vehicle approaches motorway cruising speed and retracts at lower speeds to provide the 2040mm swing clearance required by Construction & Use Regulations and allow proper articulation of the tractor and trailer.

Transdek used the show to introduce its Duet Wedge double deck trailer which has a capacity of 52 pallets. It reckons the sloping chassis design is that it gives up to eight additional pallet footprint spaces compared to a 13.6m step-frame trailer.

The Duet Wedge features Transdek’s twin slide door arrangement, which has been specifically designed to support optimal double deck operations.

Also on display was Transdek’s Mark II Duet Urban double deck trailer, designed for high volume deliveries to city centres. The Mark II has an adapted tail lift for high street unloading.

BOC exhibited a new nitrogen-cooled trailer system which it has branded Frostcruise. This differs from its previous system, Polarstream, in that it uses a heat exchanger rather than flooding the chilled compartment with nitrogen.

BOC Froistcruise

BOC Froistcruise

The Frostcruise system stores nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius and uses the heat exchanger to chill the air in the trailer compartment before venting the nitrogen safely. A major retailer is currently trialling the system.

Although the Polarstream system cooled the compartment efficiently, when the trailer doors were opened cold nitrogen would spill out displacing the oxygen around the opening which could be a problem for anyone standing there.

Frostcruise does not need a diesel powered fridge unit reducing the carbon footprint as well as being quieter making it suitable for use in urban environments. BOC says the unit has a longer working life than a conventional fridge unit as well as a pull-down and recovery time that is three times faster.

Iveco's Vision concept vehicle.

Iveco’s Vision concept vehicle.

New LF from DAF.

New LF from DAF.







Cartwright buys out former MDs

S Cartwright & Sons (Coachbuilders) said it has now agreed with John & Steven Cartwright to acquire their 40 per cent shareholding in the company for an undisclosed sum.

John and Steven Cartwright, the former joint managing directors of Cartwright Trailers, left the business last year and launched their own company, Tiger Trailers, to offer a range of products from rigid bodywork to double deck LST trailers.  Both Cartwright and Tiger are exhibiting at the show.

Portable Auto Centre

Dawsongroup has unveiled a new approach to fleet maintenance with its Portable Auto Centre – a modular facility to enable fast fit servicing, tyre repair and replacement, as well as full-blown body repair, restoration and painting services.

It will first be introduced to Dawsonrentals vans nationwide depots, then expanded to businesses partners and customer premises.

Dawsongroup’s long-term strategy is to create modular villages that contain offices, waiting areas and repair centres, developing the network for public use across supermarkets, airports and service stations.

Tories take lead in show exit poll

An exit poll of visitors to the show conducted by the Road Haulage Association yesterday, found that almost 58 per cent would vote Tory.

244 industry professionals were asked: “Which political party do you consider best represents the interests of the road haulage and logistics industry?” 57.7 per cent of the sample answered, “the Conservatives”

Labour was the choice of 8.2 per cent of those asked, while the SNP and Green Party shared 2 per cent between them. Only 0.8 per cent of those questioned answered, “Liberal Democrats”.

13 per cent of those polled thought none of the principle parties had the industry’s interests at heart, while 13 per cent said they didn’t know. 5 per cent refused to comment.