Saturday 22nd Oct 2016 - Logistics Manager

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FTA hopes to retain TfL recognition

The FTA is amending its Truck Excellence Plus Scheme with the hope of retaining its TfL recognition as an equivalent to the new FORS standard.

CMA clears the way for DX Scottish deal

The Competition and Markets Authority has cleared the way for the acquisition by DX of the trade and assets of The Legal Post (Scotland) Limited and First Post Limited.

Logistics needs incentives to lower emissions

At a recent Alliance for European Logistics (AEL) summit, logistics professionals called for the industry and governments to incentivise innovation to lower carbon emissions.

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CMS wins contract with Time Inc

Mailroom outsourcing and timed delivery business CMS has won a contract with Time Inc to manage four onsite mailrooms, from Hampshire to London including: staffing, inbound and outbound mail, and courier services.


DB Cargo plans to cut 893 jobs

DB Cargo is proposing the cutting of 893 jobs across its UK business, the reduction of its locomotive and wagon fleet, and the revision of “the number and location” of its operational facilities.

Hyperloop being transported by DHL to california

DHL to deliver capsule for tube transport

DHL is to deliver the Delft Hyperloop, a capsule developed by students for the quick transport of goods and people in tubes, to California on its freighter plane. The logistics company are transporting the capsule for tests as part of the ‘Hyperloop Pod Competition’ run by well-known American entrepreneur Elon Musk.