Speedier UPS pushes up energy use

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Express giant UPS has revealed that its energy consumption per package went up last year.

In its annual Corporate Sustainability Report it said: “A number of environmental KPIs need continued attention. In 2007, our total energy consumption increased by 1.3 per cent. Energy consumption per package also increased by 1.2 per cent. This is due to transit-time improvements and increased residential deliveries. We continue to look for operational measures that reduce energy, from the latest innovations to rerouting to avoid left turns.”

Chairman and CEO Scott Davis said: “In 2007, we reached a number of our goals and missed others. As has been our philosophy, we are transparent about the reasons for our results in this report. Currently, we are finalising the next set of goals. These goals reflect the way UPS has evolved from a small package company to a global transport and logistics company since our first report. They also will reflect the growing expectations of stakeholders around the world, who are holding companies accountable for their impact on society.”

During the year, said UPS, innovations in package flow technology cut nearly 30 million miles off of delivery routes in the United States saving three million gallons of fuel and reducing CO2 emissions by 32,000 tonnes.

UPS continued to test and deploy alternative fuel vehicles and reckons it now has the largest private “green” fleet in the transport industry.

“Hybrid vehicles and alternative fuel delivery vehicles will continue to help us realise savings in CO2 emissions as we continue to increase the number of these vehicles in our fleet. Since 2000, the alternative fuel fleet has travelled more than 144 million miles making deliveries to homes and businesses.”

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